About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m a Bangkok-based amateur photographer and I love to document daily life or street photography. I’ve been living in the Land of Smiles for six years already, and I love getting to know more about this country – as well as the rest of Asia.

I’ve decided to publish some of my photos through blogging about my personal experiences when I visit places like tourist attractions or the hotels/resorts I stay at while on holiday. Blogging is also new to me, but I figured we all have to start somewhere, right?

My main focus is on my experiences in Thailand, but not exclusively – so there might be the odd random post not related to Thailand. Either way, I hope that the content you find here will be useful and informative to you.

If you would like to support this blog, I would appreciate it if you comment or share it on other social networking platforms. It would mean the world to me! 🙂