Babette’s The Steakhouse, Hotel Muse

From the moment I stepped into the hotel lobby it felt as though I wasn’t in Bangkok. With a gracious welcome from reception and the dark, yet classy decor of the hotel, I instantly felt the concept that they were going for.

Babette’s Bangkok is on the 19th floor and also follows the same theme as what I have been enticed by previously. The maître d’ was elegantly dressed and escorted us to our table with a gorgeous backdrop of the city. I particularly liked the little dinning areas; they were divided into different sections, which gave you more of an exclusive feeling.


The food was great, and there’s really nothing I could complain about. It’s definitely the place to dine at if you’re a meat lover. However, they did forget to make a side dish that was ordered, even after asking the waiter the second time about it. That said, they immediately made it up and apologized once I made a manager aware of this.


Would I go again? Definitely. They have something special and it’s worth checking out.

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