The Tree House Cafe (Baan Ton Mai)

Baan-Ton-Mai (The Tree House Cafe) offers a unique outdoor eating experience. With tree houses dotted around amidst lush gardens and jungle, you can’ t help but feel relaxed. Or enjoy sitting over a stream with your feet dangling as you listen to the sound of water pass you by.

As you walk through the elevated maze-like route, you see the different types of seating to suit all people; from ordinary tables and chairs to sitting on bamboo with your legs crossed. And if you prefer a more controlled environment, you can opt for the air-conditioned room as you enter the premises.

The best feature of this concept is the swimming pool they have for their guests. Yes, you read correct! There’s a swimming pool with shower facilities for you. It’s perfect for those hot days when you just need to cool off while waiting for your food or drinks.

From Ao Nang Beach it’s less than a 10 km ride. I’m sure that you can even take a taxi there for not too much. I definitely think that this cafe is worth the short ride there.

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  1. liveandletthai1 says:

    Looks beautiful – I will check this out the next time I’m there!


    1. I highly recommend it. 😊 I would like to find something like this in the concrete jungle.

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      1. liveandletthai1 says:

        Wouldn’t we all 🙂


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