Krabi Beach Guide

On a road trip this year, I went to the south of Thailand from Bangkok to Krabi. Needless to say, I stopped at many beautiful beaches along the way. This blog focuses only on the ones I visited in Krabi, but I plan to update it once I go to the others in the area, like the popular Railay Beach.


Ao Nang Beach

The most popular and convenient beach for beachgoers would have to be Ao Nang Beach. The scenery is filled with a view of islands and limestone cliffs sticking out of the water. The beach itself is also very clean with soft sand, no stones, and the tide is generally good for swimming. The beach strip is also filled with restaurants, bars and places for shopping. Some of the most beautiful sunsets can be seen from here; so make sure you head down to the beach before sunset with a drink or two, and say goodbye to another day. This also happens to be the area in which I stayed for a few nights at the Ao Nang Phu Petra Resort.

Noppharat Thara Beach

I found that there are also many places to stay near Thara Beach. The downside for me is that whenever I’ve been there (over many years) the tide was very low and I had to walk quite far in just to be knee-deep covered with water- this might be good for travellers with young children. Another positive is that there are many inexpensive, local Thai restaurants along the beach strip to choose from. If you’re looking for a different dining experience, head to The Tree House Cafe. They have an amazing outdoor venue that’s surrounded by lush gardens.

Ao Nam Mao Beach

To the west of Ao Nang Beach is Ao Nam Mao Beach. The beach was great and much better than Thara Beach. You can also find some restaurants right on the sand, and a few resorts. It’s not a crowded beach, which can be a plus. For inexpensive yet comfortable and modern accommodation, you can stay at the Friendly Hotel. The accommodation is new and even has a swimming pool. Good value for money!

Klong Muang Beach

If you have your own transportation and you’d like to drive a bit, then Klong Muang Beach is a peaceful spot to have lunch. It seems to be quite popular with locals who picnic under some trees in groups. But if you aren’t mobile, then I’d suggest going to Ao Nam Mao just a few kilometres from Ao Nang Beach.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out the related posts. 🙂

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