Christmas Lunch at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bangkok

So for Christmas of 2018 I decided to give my my usual hotel a skip and try out the JW Café for Christmas Day Lunch. Walking into the lobby I was greeted by a gigantic Christmas tree. That sure set the tone for the season. As I waited to be seated, Santa was welcoming the patrons and handed out a small gift neatly wrapped (cookies). I thought this was a kind gesture which made up for the tables not having Christmas crackers. However, the restaurant was tastefully decorated and there was even a Santa hat – which I could see people enjoyed taking photographs with it on.

As for the food: I was impressed with their selection of typical Christmas meats ( e.g. gammon, turkey,duck, & lamb chops), seafood (e.g. oysters, crab, muscles, octopus, & fish)and an array of other cuisines like Indian and Thai dishes, to name a few. They had a cheese fridge and also a salad one.

As for dessert, there were some cakes and puddings. However, I do feel that they could’ve put more effort into their desserts.

All in all, I think that it was excellent value for money and I had a wonderful time.

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