Kaeng Krachan National Park

It Wasn’t Easy, But It Was Worth It!

First of all, I’ve got to say that finding this park was a little hard to find by car. For some reason I couldn’t find any clear signs with directions to the entrance of the largest national park in Thailand – about 2900+ km² to be exact. After much exploration (not so much by choice), I finally ended up at my destination in Phetchaburi Province.

Entering The Park At The Campsite

With my broken Thai, I tried to communicate with the friendly staff at the ticket office. Unfortunately, I didn’t go on the walking trails in the park because of arriving later than usual. So I just wanted to spend the night unwinding and appreciating the appealing scenery. The wonderful thing about camping there is that you can rent a tent – along with pillows, a tarp and a blanket. What’s more, they’ll even pitch the tent for you! All of this for under 50 US dollars for two people, including entrance and the camping fee for the night.

Park Amenities

They seem to be well organised at the campsite. There’s an onsite restaurant, restrooms with clean shower facilities, and of course an unparalleled view to absorb. Even though they have their own restaurant, there were still some locals with their food carts ready to serve visitors.

Sunset Long-Tail Boat Ride & a Night in Nature

The highlight of the trip would definitely have to be the long-tail boat ride just before sunset. Monkeys were swimming from one little island to the the next and a glowing backdrop from the orange sun gave me a feeling of tranquility.

I have never been camping before, so this was all new. The tent itself was clean, but it did get rather hot during the night until the temperature dropped a bit, and it wasn’t the most comfortable of sleeps lying on a tarp. But waking up in the the morning to mist over the lake made every moment worth it.

Final Thoughts
It was an enjoyable stay overall. The only regret I have is not having ample time to see more of the park. So if you have time, go and check it out for a different experience in The Land of Smiles.